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An ‘A’ made out of ‘B’s made out of ‘C’s made out of ‘D’s

First: note to xkcdling readers: it’ll be easiest to follow my blag from my sig. I’ll update for each new post, so you can just click over here :D. And now, your feature presentation:

It’s a bit large (768×768), but I made a 192×192 preview:
In the upper left, as you can see, I have the templates I used for all three letters. The Cs are used as black pixels for the Bs, with 6×6 empty squares for white pixels. The Bs are similarly used to make the A.

But you didn’t come here for a three-layer capital letter. Oh no. After weeks of careful planning (read: inexcusable laziness), I have finally created my masterpiece! (time: 2/3 of a Simpsons episode)
Clicky for full-size. You can’t see the ‘D’s from this scale. As you’ll notice, I made the Ds and Cs 4×4 instead of the 5×5 pixels of the smaller one. This way, the whole thing juuuust barely doesn’t fit on your 1024×768 screen resolution. Seriously, use 1280×1024.


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Blog? What blog? Go ‘way and lemme read.

Wow, a week? You’re joking.

So, I’m still breathing, and Fublag is still alive. I’ve just been reading a lot…

First of all: The Host by Stephanie Meyer. Yes, author-of-Twilight Stephanie Meyer.
In my defense, The Host is one of the best science fiction novels I’ve read this year. It’s also a satanically addictive page-turner — I don’t think I’ve gotten more than 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night this week, and my workload’s been light. The book claims to be Meyer’s “first novel written for adults”, which probably explains a lot.

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A Consistent, Simple Model of Time Travel

The basic idea is that timelines do not “already” exist. They start at the creation of the universe, instantaneously (because there’s no outside time) grow randomly, based on quantum mechanics, and new branches can be considered to exist “after” the original. When time travel occurs, two things happen:
1. (this happens first) If travel is into the past, a new branch of the timeline is created.
2. The rest of the normal timeline is created without the traveler in it. If it’s in the future, the traveler arrives at the target time.

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Sam Perry’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Anyway, fooled all yas who thought this was a rational, clear-cut geek blog. There won’t be much of that kind of thing, but it will happen.

So: Sam Perry:

If you haven’t heard, Sam had his sprint through the spotlight after Oprah cried on his shoulder during Obama’s victory speech. His identity was unknown for a few days, until the Human Hanky was unmasked and invited on Oprah.

Here’s the cool part: A close relative of mine was buddies with Sam Perry in college. This makes his Oprah Number 2, and my Oprah Number 3!

I’ll trade for a Kevin Bacon number under 7.

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Some Thoughts on the Weather

It’s misty and raining slightly outside. It got dark an hour or two ago, but the suburban lights color the sky a creepy uniform grayish-salmon color. I live on a hill, but the houses and trees don’t usually look quite as precarious as tonight. Not that they look like they’ll fall; they just seem to impose bizarrely on the landscape. The trees don’t look “evil” or like they’re reaching towards me, but there’s definitely an air of organic…uh…creepiness about them.

It’s hard to describe. (more…)

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Poor Biden? Google Trends and the Presidential Candidates


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Chess Variants — Triangle Chess and Donut Chess

I’ve been doodling lots of chess boards today:

Variants of Chess

Variants of Chess

I <3 the Wikipedia Sandbox.

Before the details, here’s an xkcd chess set I designed:

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