Your Guide to the Fublag Header

November 8, 2008 at 4:38 pm Leave a comment

You’ll notice I have a nice new header image. I’m quite proud of it, although most of the material isn’t really new, although it is original.

So, first of all: the words.
“Fublag” means either “Foo Blog” or “FUBAR/Blog”. The “blag” part I stole from Randall Munroe, but he hasn’t noticed yet.

I used the FUBAR interpretation in creating translations:
Fuŝblogo is Esperanto for “Fucked up blog”
Mablag is adapted from the Lojban word mabla (“fuck”).

The two statues are Mario and Luigi in statue form with the Tanooki Suit (sprite from ‘oldschoolmario’), but tinted yellow.

They’re standing on a random-color random walk I made in Python, which I may post full-sized images of at some point.

Above the walk is a Venn-diagram color-blending thing, also from Python.

To the right is a cookie — thanks Zak!

To the right and above is my old avatar from the xkcd fora.

Beneath is the meat-o-sphere, but don’t expect me to mention it much. The Web’s just so much more fun!

To the right is an Euler diagram of number theory; transfinite, complex nonreal, transcendental real, irrational, rational, integer. Pii makes a brief appearance.

To the right and above is Gray Mage, the evil FF character with a heart of gold. (sprite crossbreeding — good fun.)

To the right is a Venn diagram.

Below is a diagram of the eight basic RGB colors (primary, secondary, white and black) in cube form.

To the right of that is a fun little experiment in squares and circles.
Above that is a glider from Conway’s Game of Life, which is also in my eye avatar.

And that’s about it! Oh yeah, and there’s my IRL full name. But neveryoumind.


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