Some Thoughts on the Weather

November 13, 2008 at 9:21 pm Leave a comment

It’s misty and raining slightly outside. It got dark an hour or two ago, but the suburban lights color the sky a creepy uniform grayish-salmon color. I live on a hill, but the houses and trees don’t usually look quite as precarious as tonight. Not that they look like they’ll fall; they just seem to impose bizarrely on the landscape. The trees don’t look “evil” or like they’re reaching towards me, but there’s definitely an air of organic…uh…creepiness about them.

It’s hard to describe. There’s a chill in the air, but it isn’t too bad and adds to the effect. I half expect a CGI-animated fortress or warship of some kind to float past overhead. The slope, which is usually just steep enough to be irritating, becomes an impossible mountain but gravity is funky too so I’m okay.

Every now and then, a car drives past, but it somehow fits in. The houses are perched diagonally on the absurd hill. To clarify; the landscape is crooked, and a bit oppressive, but solid. Nothing is moving except the cars sliding past over the wet leaves. As I said before, nothing looks like it’s going to topple. The decorations, lazily left over from Halloween, lost their freeze-dried, shrink-wrapped scariness many years ago but they add something eerie which stems from the discarded, abandoned atmosphere around them.

I really like this kind of weather. Not sure why.


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