“Eden”: Sci-Fi meets religious fiction

December 7, 2008 at 9:11 pm 1 comment

This is a random experimental story. It’s also your weekly update. The master of this sub-genre is, of course, Asimov.

2058 AD
In a bunker hidden deep beneath a mountain, the last remnants of humanity struggled to survive. They loved, hated, worked together, fought, and held on to the final scraps of what had been all of human knowledge and culture. And deeper still, in a laboratory like a cyperpunk aircraft hangar, a man put the finishing touches on his plan to set things right.

The machine worked according to plan, and Jackson felt a slight tug, and saw himself walk around backwards. His past self sped up comically, rapidly disassembling the machine he sat in.

Jackson pressed a control, and rose up through miles of bedrock to the scarred, radioactive surface. He accelerated, watching the Last War play itself out in reverse. When all he could see was trees and green pastures, he stopped. What next? How could he convince the world’s greatest superpowers not to launch a war they were hell-bent on winning?

Perhaps the answer lay in the past. Hate gave rise to more hate, and if he could unwind history far enough, he might be able to kill the first spark of war early enough and rewrite the future. He knew he could not possibly be part of this new world, but that didn’t matter. He would find some ancient tribe, and teach them how to cooperate, find some lesson that would stay with them. He would play God, and win.

His thoughts were interrupted when he realized there was a presence. Something or someone was traveling with him, floating free of time. Before he could think of an explanation, he heard the message.

It was only three sentences:
You were tested once, and passed. You will be tested once more. Do not fail.

Jackson was still mulling this over when his machine came to an abrupt stop under an apple tree in a garden.

3760 BC
“Bloody machine…” He swore, realizing he was not only unable to save humanity; he might not even be able to save himself from being stranded. Then he saw the year on the heads-up display. A garden? Almost 6000 years ago?

He saw a naked woman walking through the garden, calmly eating a pear, and everything clicked together. The Bible was true. Literally true. He was in the Garden of Eden, and Eve was about to cause the Fall. The message made a bit more sense; Jackson still didn’t know what his first test had been (building the machine? Deciding to save mankind?) but his second was to stop Eve from being tempted.

There was a snake up in the tree, as expected. Jackson’s pocketknife made short work of it, and he hid the body in a bush. As he did, he felt the change take effect. It ate through the past, and soon reached January 1999.

Jackson ceased to exist.

2058 AD
Adam walked through the Garden, admiring the beautiful blue sky. Then again, hadn’t it always been blue? He picked an apricot, and stroked a lion’s head as he passed by. Not for the first time, he wondered why he couldn’t eat from that one tree… But the warning, from so many millennia ago, still held sway over him. He lay down next to Eve, enjoying the gentle breeze.

Under a bush, in the center of the garden, God slept forever.


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An ‘A’ made out of ‘B’s made out of ‘C’s made out of ‘D’s A d20 with all 210 dots!

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  • 1. Winston  |  March 29, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    weird, creepy, Bloody fabulous!


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