Timeline of Extraterrestrial Contact

December 21, 2008 at 5:42 pm Leave a comment

2137 AD / 0 YA: First Contact is made, classified as Extraterrestrial Species 1 (ETS1).
2140 AD / 3 YA: Alliance Calendar is introduced jointly with ETS1. 2137 is now Year Zero of the Alliance.
4 YA: Humanity (homo sapiens) retroactively classified ETS0
23 YA: ETS2 discovered
30 YA: Small trading dispute breaks out between ETS0 and ETS1
43 YA: ETS2 reclassified ETS1
46 YA: Interstellar War Memorial completed
67 YA: ETS2 discovered
112 YA: ETS3-6 discovered together
114 YA: ETS4-6 reclassified ETS3-5. Second Interstellar War ends.
211 YA: ETS0-5 reclassified ETS1-6 (July)
211 YA: ETS2-6 reclassified ETS1-5, new ETS1 assumes control of ETS classification system (August-November)

~13730000000 BC / T-129-234-174.43: Experiment Gamma-37 begins
~4000 BC / T-129-236-127.91: Technology develops in Gamma-37 at area of study
0 YA / T-129-236-128.62: Gamma-37 shows signs of first interspecies alliance
T-129-236-128.65: Selective editing required in Experiment Gamma-37
T-129-237-174.43: Experiment Gamma-38 replaces Gamma-37. Gamma-37 terminated.

It’s very difficult to make something like this subtle without making it impossible to figure out.


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US shoe sizes are metric! Sorta-ish. We must hunt down the 2^2^5th human.

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