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The creative process, revealed

So, I haven’t updated Fublag in more or less forever.

There are several reasons, mostly having to do with me being sick, but the worst was when my iPod wall charger went missing. The following graph illustrates its necessity:
Here’s a brief explanation:
1. 120V AC power is converted into USB DC power for my broken-battery’d iPod.
2. My iPod magically converts power into third-wave ska (or, sometimes, the Red Hot Chili Peppers).
3. The music is converted from analog data to a pressure wave by my headphones.
4. My ear converts the music into a nerve signal
5. The brain changes the music signal into raw creativity. This step may take a week or so, but diligence pays off eventually.
6. The resulting nerve signal is converted, via hand/mouse interface, into blog postings…
7….which are then sent to the modem…
8….and out onto the Interwub.

Granted, Darcy, author of the webcomic Decorum has a better method


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