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Chickens, turkeys and raptors, oh my!

Take a look at this graph: (via Google: Insights for Search, slightly modified)

Which bird wins? Well, the chicken (red) has the best overall search volume, but Thanksgiving pushes turkeys (blue) right up to the top.

This makes sense. Thanksgiving is more closely associated with turkey than with gratitude.

But what of that yellow line? Raptors deserve more attention. I tell ya, birds these days got no respect for their heritage.

Just imagine if xkcd used chickens.

(from xkcd)
(chicken from Wikimedia Commons)


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Fublag is back!

So, it’s been a busy 7 months, and this blog sort of quietly died. The twitter feed lasted another month before trailing off.

Eventually, the combined pressure of all my unblogged ideas and the hundreds of angry fans on my front lawn convinced me to start posting again. I’ll have a new post up immediately following this one, and then posts roughly every week (but no guarantees).

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Human Souls

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