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Jolk Etymology

The computer mouse is not, as many people assume, named after the similar-looking rodent.
In fact, the term derives from the original model number Douglas Engelbart used: J-97.

Engelbart and his team at ARC used a simple code to label prototypes: “n” for nonworking (a wooden model, for example) and “w” for working (a fully-functional test version). The first mouse that really succeeded was the third working model; he planned to announce this via a memo titled “J97w3 device ready for patent.”

History was made when he accidentally typed the first word with his fingers a row too far down on the keyboard: “Mouse device ready for patent.”


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Nerdy Comic!

I’m shameless, but at least I can use LaTeX. (My renderer of choice is the Wikipedia sandbox.)

EDIT: WordPress isn’t any better with fractions:

\begin{bmatrix} H & A \\ T & E \end{bmatrix} = \begin{bmatrix} \frac{1}{L} & 0 \\ \frac{-V}{LE} & \frac{1}{E} \end{bmatrix}

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Human Souls

wordpress visitor counter souls and counting...